Le Terracotte are our hit product starting from a traditional to art ones, from the bas-relief sculpture; always keeping our style and uniqueness.

Ithe Low Reliefs: : One of the technique, we choose, to better understand the landscape of our city using the clay, is the low relief which we propose in different shapes and sizes highlighting angles and glimpses/views. Each low relief is then duplicated thanks to a baked and painted moulds. The low relief products have various sizes starting from a 5cm diameter for magned products up to 23×27 cm for products to hang.

The Cucù : Is a traditional whistle with ancient origin, in fact born during the era of the Magna Grecia.This is a clear cultural piece of history which links Matera to Puglia but also to the entire Mediterranean area. Each artist elaborates and personalised his own “Cucù”. Ours are all different both in size and ave the production, we have items range from 8 cm to 50 cm decorated with “naive” style according to the ancient tradition.

The Pupa: : Is a formaly doll made of cheese dough by sheperds and farms with the aid of wooden moulds used to compress the dough of caciocavallo or provolone cheese. Products created to be sold during trade fairs Today we create this terracotta doll , in different 3d versions or to be hanged with a particular combinations of colors typical of the “Pacchiana” (which is the main figure during local festivals where a traditional dress was not used). The size of the dolls are various, those to be hung are 18 cm while for the the 3d dolls is 18 cm.

I Brands bread: In ancient times every family from Matera produced is oen bread at home, but not owning a oven they where broughting the bread to be baked in a common oven, hence ‘the need to “mark” the bread with the initials of the family. The stamps, which were made from olive or oak wood had in the handle real wooden sculptures inspired by the natural and architectural elements, architectural or from a job carried out by the head of household. Our reproductions, taken from museum catalogs, have the same characteristics as the original both in size and in detail.