The nativity scenes

The nativity scenes of Daddiego Art Gallery are created by following the old tradition of papier mache Materana. Our nativity scenes are handmade and done with different materials suitable for the reproduction of every detail that makes them unique architectural structures of the “Sassi”. The structure of each nativity scene is produced in cardboard for not weighing it down, and only after a solid base has been created the terracotta roof and electrical system could be created along with various other details to complete the scenario.
The nativity scenes produced from Daddiego Art Gallery are unique pieces, produced by experts craftsmen who hand down their knowledge over time from father to son.
Pictures, present here, are for illustrative purposes. The Art Gallery Dadddiego delivers all over the world with experts couriers willing to deliver the package at your home in a few days, please contact us for a quote and to find out the current availability.

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