The papier-mâché

The papier-mâché tradition in Matera is old as the traditional celebration of the “Festa della Bruna”. This festival has ancient origins , Baroque to be precised, He sees the realization of a wagon in paper mache 14 meters long , 3 m wide , 3.5 m high approximately. In the middle shows a religious theme who has been previously decided from the Curia. By contrast, the rest of the structure decorated and enriched always in papier mache shows various effect that may look like a totally different material. Its realization is entrusted to families or single materan artisans that have been passed along over the centuries. This enormous passion and devotion has allowed also new generation to get closer, along with my family. The 2010 was the year of our professional ” baptism ” instead the 2012 saw us as a leading the creation in 50 days of the entire work, simply so far an unique record! Apart from ” classic ” ( little angels -statue – friezes ) and 3d artifacts based on ” Sassi ” of Matera, we have the ability of customizing and making bespoke requests, thanks to the uniqueness of our tecquiche.

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